Founded by husband and wife team Daric Schlesselman and Sarah Ludington in 2012 Van Brunt Stillhouse was inspired by the pioneering spirit of Cornelius Van Brunt who was a farmer in the Dutch colony of Breukelen and driven by Daric and Sarah ' s love of Craft. The team takes a time honoured traditional approach to distilling, sourcing wheat rye and corn directly from upstate New York farmers (the barley is sourced from Europe as Daric believes the quality is better than anything they can find in the US. They make every spirit from scratch in their distillery in Brooklyn using traditional methods with few modern innovations and their family of spirits gives a nod to classic styles while remaining exciting and innovative creating bold and flavourful products. As master distiller Daric brings a creativity to his recipes while working within the traditions of distilling fine spirits. He has developed a line of spirits that establishes his unique voice within traditional spirit categories.






Rye Spirit



Van Brunt Stillhouse, Brooklyn

The rather amazing Van Brunt has joined our portfolio and is already a smash hit with the off and on trade alike. Based in trendy Brooklyn, Van Brunt was founded by husband and wife team Daric

Champagne Janisson & Fils

Located in the village of Verzenay, which has one of the most prestigious terroirs of the Champagne region, Champagne Janisson is owned and run by Manuel Janisson. Manu is also the winemaker,