Vodka / EKISS

EKISS is made from organic winter wheat grown on the Abecassis Estate in the heart of the Camargue region in South West France. Planted just before winter and harvested at the beginning of July the grains are then threshed and stocked before being distilled. The team at Domaines Abecassis believe in the importance of protecting the fragile biodiversity of the beautifully wild and quite unique region of the Camargue. They practise organic farming and production methods and EKISS Vodka is certified fully organic by Ecocert. The resulting Vodka is crisp clear pure and extremely elegant with an intense finish.n



Van Brunt Stillhouse, Brooklyn

The rather amazing Van Brunt has joined our portfolio and is already a smash hit with the off and on trade alike. Based in trendy Brooklyn, Van Brunt was founded by husband and wife team Daric

Champagne Janisson & Fils

Located in the village of Verzenay, which has one of the most prestigious terroirs of the Champagne region, Champagne Janisson is owned and run by Manuel Janisson. Manu is also the winemaker,